The CAM industry's recognized ease-of-use leader, offers simple to use yet extremely powerful solutions for programming CNC machine tools. GibbsCAM's intuitive graphical user interface is not only easy to learn but is extremely efficient to use.

GibbsCAM Mill

GibbsCAM Production Milling supports 2-axis through simple 3-axis wire frame machining with full functionality for contouring, pocketing with unlimited bosses/islands, thread milling, face milling, 2D/3D spiral creation, drilling with support for many drill cycles, tapping, and boring. Simple 4th-axis positioning is also supported.

GibbsCAM Lathe

The base module of GibbsCAM's turning product line, Production Turning supports 2-axis machining of wire frame geometry with full functionality for contouring, automatic roughing, plunge roughing, drilling, threading, and tapping. When combined with Production Milling live tooling is supported.


GibbsCAM 2.5D Solids

The mid-level module of GibbsCAM's solid-based machining capabilities, 2.5D Solids supports directly machining 2.5D solids. Basic solid modeling functionality is also provided to build models from scratch, modify existing models, or solidify surface models into solids.

GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer

The most comprehensive of GibbsCAM's solid-based machining capabilities, SolidSurfacer® provides advanced surface/solids modeling functionality and 3-axis multi-surface and solids machining. SolidSurfacer is ideally suited for mold cavities, cores, dies, aerospace, medical and automotive components. SolidSurfacer is more powerful than ever with Advanced 3D with High-Speed Machining, and provides tool path tailored for high-speed machining and hard-metal cutting.


With its intuitive graphical interface, MTM (Multi-Task Machining) supports creating optimal programs for complex multi-turret, multi-spindle multi-tasking machine tools which fully utilize their capabilities. Factory-built posts ensure error-free G-code output.

GibbsCAM 5-Axis

The GibbsCAM 5-Axis Option supports simultaneous 4- and 5-axis machining with various tool types. In combination with GibbsCAM MTM, it also supports sophisticated multi-task machines with live tooling on articulated heads.